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Tynedale Farm,
    Pendle Hill
Last ever investigation at this venue due to the building being renovated and rented out!
Saturday 28th October 2006 - Waxing Crescent, 34% of Full
Sunday 29th October 2006 - First Quarter Moon, 45% of Full
                                                      Weather Conditions:  
Mist rolling in over the hills and buildings, drizzle to wet, windy enough to break branches!
Outside the entrance to Tynedale Farm...
Arriving at our base for the weekend – Barley Village Hall, I would like to express thanks to the owners for the use of the building and their hospitality during this time.  

Talking to the caretaker gentleman meeting me on arrival at the village hall, he was happy to discuss an experience that he and his wife had had.   Rumour of a Scottish bagpipe player which has apparently been seen up and around the area of Pendle Hill.   Open for debate perhaps??   There are a lot of natural sounds around this area being open countryside i.e. natural wildlife, weather conditions etc.

The cellar area is alleged to be quite oppressive and apparently not many people can stay down there for long.
We eventually left the Village Hall at 23:15 p.m., moving onto Tynedale Farm, which was reached via a precarious dirt track lane, the outside of the building did not look too welcoming.   From the front of the farm I immediately felt drawn to the upstairs left window (as looking at the building head on).   This room, I later found out, is apparently a peaceful room where a small girl has allegedly been seen/witnessed/felt.

On entering the building it did not feel too welcoming.   There were only a few rooms accessible due to renovation works being carried out, these comprised of:

Room to left as walk in = where they were holding séance.
Room to right as walk in = rubble room.
Room directly at rear of building had steps leading down to the cellar.
Room at the rear of the building to the right is the kitchen.
Upstairs accessible rooms:
Top of stairs room to left = glass divination.
Top of stairs room to right = peaceful room.
Initial Crystal Questions
Do the alleged inhabitants know we are coming up there tonight?   Yes
Will there be a lot of activity?   Yes
Is it because of Raven coming and she’s a practising witch?   Yes

We will see if any of these predictions come true…

Initial indications from the crystal and of the dowsing rods appear to provide a good response, both are going to show good results – so again, another prediction to look at later on…

It should be noted that the crystal questioning responses were extremely strong in movement, which is unlike movement experienced from the same on prior investigations.   The crystal was moving around incredibly fast, very definite answers.
A female presence was picked up on in here by the group.   In answer to questions being asked two stones fell onto the large table in the corner, these can be seen on the pictures below.
As you can see, they were quite substantial in size and it was quite an unsettling experience.   It should be borne in mind that this room does not have the stones that we found on the table, the ceilings are wood/cement.   Could this possibly be first hand poltergeist experience?   This would be the first location that this has been experienced to date by myself…  

The female presence picked up on in here was that believed to be Anne.   No surname was forthcoming.

There is no electricity running through the property at the time of our investigation, so we were informed.   Any light we had came from either torch or candle light.

There is a flagstone floor – large unbroken stone tiles.   These do not resemble the stones that had been heard and subsequently found on the table.
Upstairs room to the left
The temperature in this room was 9.5 degrees.   The initial feeling in this room was of unease.   We decided to conduct glass divination in here with some interesting results on both occasions that we were in here.   A draft was experienced but this could be put down to natural sources.

Questions asked of the glass:

If there is anyone in the room with us please move the glass – glass starting to move.

Move the glass as a sign of yes you are here – movement but very slow

Are you there?   Push the glass for yes.   Please communicate with us.   Really push the glass.   Show us what you can do.   Are you here and do you want to talk to us?   Is there a face at this table that you recognise?   If so, please take the glass to that person.   Positive responses.

Some of the names picked up on in this room via the glass divination were those of Alice, Elizabeth and Andrew – the latter was via a personal message for Curt, Tony or Mark (I do not remember which) at the table and was unrelated to Tynedale Farm.

It appeared that 4 people on the glass were preferred… the spirit guide of either Curt, Tony or Mark (as mentioned above) came through.   A 24 year old male was identified, this message was for Mark.   On asking whether he needed to open up more, the response was yes.   This left Mark questioning how he was supposed to do that… Does he need to meditate?   Yes.   Does he have one spirit guide?   3.
I think from memory Mark, who you can see in the pictures above, had never participated in glass divination before and had never experienced glass movement, which I think is apparent from the pictures...
Our group had yet another stone thrown at us, this time on the stairs.   Not a nice area, but not too daunting.   It was very cold in the cellar, but this was down to broken window panes.   Some members of the group were feeling uneasy in this area.   Some people witnessed orbs down here.   Perhaps this was due to the broken panes and things i.e. dust being blown in and around the cellar…   It is alleged by other groups lucky enough to have had the opportunity to investigate Tynedale Farm, that stones have been experienced being thrown in the cellar area.   One of these included Richard Felix (who told me about this face to face).
Coins has been set up as a trigger object, but no movement was experienced.
A couple of people in our group were experiencing something in the broken window panes… was this down to their brain/eye co-ordination and them perceiving what they maybe wanted to see, or was there something there?  

I had seen a light go across the bottom window area but only once, what this was I do not know.   There was no street lighting – after all, this was in the middle of nowhere!   There are neighbours to this property, so perhaps one of them were curious as to what we were doing there and perhaps this is what people had witnessed?   Flickering light were experienced by other members in our group.  

Asking out the usual questions i.e. making contact, touch, sound, move the coins, tap on something, make a chink sound on the bottles etc.
Karen in our group was apparently getting orbs picked up around her by others in the group.   Again, was this the result of the broken window panes?

One person in the group was picking up on a younger negative female presence around the age of 16.   Again this was around the window area.  

Several members of the group felt like they were being watched from the windows.   I would point out here, that the cellar is located at a lower level to that on entering the house, it is quite a small area, it is very dark, damp and there are small broken panelled windows.
... a solid slab table type top in the cellar
Could it be the combination of these factors influencing the imagination of people in the group, or could they actually be experiencing something?   This I will leave for the reader to decide upon...
Kitchen revisited
The kitchen appeared to have a heavy feel to it this time around.   There was a temperature drop, the reading was registering between 9-10 degrees.   Creaks in the room   were attributed to movement upstairs.   An orb had been seen near the sink area, near to myself and Curt.   There was no movement from the light bulb in the room.
Upstairs room to the right
This room is where I had been drawn to from the outside of the building.   I did not personally like it.   It is supposed to be the calm room.  

Earlier in the evening someone had felt the settee in the room move slightly.   This was not experienced this time around.  

On listening to the Dictaphone recordings, this area had captured a sound which I am currently investigating and getting other opinions on i.e. asking people what their first impression is without saying what I think it sounds like.   Further information on this point to follow...

What was it?   At this point I honestly have no idea.   Other people in the group have described it like... (this information will be revealed soon once the aforemention investigations have been concluded)...
...the alleged moving settee
Upstairs room to the left revisited
Well, this room was certainly to deliver in more ways than one...   We decided to revert back to glass divination with some interesting results… especially for Mark - a self confessed sceptic (as seen in the earlier pictures in this report)…

On re-entering this room, Tony felt something blocking his path, he said it was like he couldn’t move.   The room definitely felt colder this time around, but the wind outside had picked up and there was some kind of attic opening in the corner where we were conducting the glass divination.

This time the glass moved in a jerky manner.   There were a lot of energies alleged to be in the room, the results of our questions via the glass.   On asking whether it was one of their energies blocking Tony, the answer was yes.

We made it clear by saying we meant no harm and that we were just there out of curiosity.   We received a lot of confirmatory answers to questions as seen below.

Apparently Alice (Nutter?) was communicating with us on the glass... there were currently 3 men and one female out of our group on the glass.   I was standing observing at the back of them.   Alice apparently indicated she wanted me to ask questions... she was afraid because after questioning it transpires that I reminded her of Elizabeth Demdyke!   (Had this person existed?)   I said that none of us present in the room meant them any harm, we were just curious and wanted to ask questions and likewise it transpired they were interested in us.   They did not want to be called witches, but ladies was fine (as you will see below):

How many are in the room with us?   9
Are you surrounding us now?   Yes
Are you stood watching us?   Yes
Are you interested in us?   Yes

I have to acknowledge here that the glass was tipping in response to our questions, as well as moving via sliding across the table.   The tipping tapped out for counting and in response to yes too... an unusual mixture... There also appears to be 2 people coming through on the glass i.e. Alice, who was tipping the glass and Elizabeth (we got the name of something like South?), who was sliding the glass.   Again, we got the glass to tip right over when asked - the glass almost stayed upright with no help and eventually went over so it was upright or just over on the table.

Is there anybody at this table that reminds you of anybody in your time?   Yes – very definite movement on the glass.

Can you take the glass to the person who it is?   Yes
Was there a male witch in this house you knew nothing about?   Yes
Was he known as wicca?   No response
Or wicce?   No response
Do you know pagan?   Yes
Do you like us being here?   Yes
Are you curious to us being here?   Yes (thank you)
Are there too many people here tonight?   Yes
Are the 4 of us in the room at the moment just enough people?   Yes
Do you have a message for any of us?   Yes

At that moment downstairs something happened as there was a lot of noise coming from the other groups.   It is alleged by some other participants that Raven had experienced something…   I cannot comment on this personally as I did not witness it first hand and do not know what it was.

Are you still here with us?   Yes (thank you)
Are they very noisy?   Yes
Are they disrupting us?   Yes
Do you have a message for any of us?   Yes
Can you take the glass to the person please?   Yes
Is that for Curt?   No
Is that for me?   Yes (thank you)

I must point out that I was not participating on the glass at this stage, therefore in response to the questions being asked by myself, it could not be seen that I was influencing the glass in any way, by sceptic or non-believers out there.   I think this is an important issue under the circumstances.

Can you take the glass to where you are standing at the moment?   Yes
Have you stopped the breeze for us?   Yes#

Curt then asked – is there someone sat at this table in front of us at this moment in time?   Yes

I resume questioning…
Is it where the bit is blocked off?   Yes

Basically on this front, when walking into the room, there is a table directly in front of us blocking a drop and pushed against what would have been the wall.   This led to another room which we could not access and was to answer a few positive answers in response to our questions.

Back to my questioning…

Is it a lady?   Yes
Is she an elderly lady?   Yes

Curt then asked if she had just scared them downstairs?   Yes (which we found quite amusing!)

My asking again…

Are you going to do that to us?   No

Curt asked if there were other entities in the house other than you witches?   No response
Were you trying to draw something?   yes

Group members on the glass described this first drawing of the night for us as being likened to a triangle with a half circle.   Curt asked for it to be drawn again.   His interpretation of the drawing was that referred to as a demonic symbol.   Curt also went on to describe something called the Economican?   (I am not too sure if this is how it is spelt).   This, apparently, is the equivalent of the bible - but from the other side.

Is that what you are trying to draw for us?   Yes
Is that what you used?   Yes

This drawing was in response to other entities being in the house.   These were apparently unrelated to those present at this time.

Are these other people here with us now.   Yes
Are they downstairs?   Yes
Are they in another room?   Yes
Are they in the cellar?   No response

Curt then asked whether this demonic entity in the house here "before you moved in?"   No
Was it something you brought through yourselves by accident?   Yes

Me asking…

Does it frighten you?   Yes
Do you mind us calling you witches?   Yes
At this point the glass tips and taps out as if counting…
3 taps
Does that mean there are 3 of you in the room with us?   No
Does that mean 3 of you don’t mind us calling you witches?   Yes
Do you prefer it if we call you ladies?   Yes

Again it was reiterated that we don’t man any disrespect and that they know that… yes response

The glass draws another shape.   I ask if it is the symbol in my purse?   Yes

I do not say anything about the shape and ask the people on the glass to describe the symbol… they describe it exactly.   On asking Alice whether she was aware of a symbol in my purse, the answer was yes.   I proceeded to ask for the shape to be drawn out (I was not on the glass at this point).   The symbol drawn out was that of the triquetra (see below for picture).   I now have a sifferent item in my purse for future investigations!!
The only thing that was not drawn, was the circle around the outside of the triquetra.   I will leave this one for you to decide and interpret your thoughts upon…   All I will say, is that Mark didn’t know what to say to that…   The symbol was something none of the members in the group knew about prior to the questioning and they had no knowledge of what the symbol was...

We have a brief break and then Curt proceeds to ask whether they had trouble removing the unwanted entity from the house.   No
Do you need help?   Yes
Would Raven be able to help you?   No

Raven had then entered the room asking for volunteers to go and spend some time in the kitchen.   Curt and Tony went on this occasion.

Continuing with the glass…

Are you still here with us?   No response
Can you move the glass for us?   No response
Do you need more people to move the glass?   No response

The glass seemed to move extremely well with 4 people on it, but it appeared to be a no-go with 2…

Can you try to move the glass for us?   No response

We got no more from the glass and decided that as only 2 of us were on the glass and nothing was happening to close it down.   This was a shame, as we appeared to be getting some good information in response to our questions.

Whilst conducting this session, we also asked Alice, who allegedly came through on the glass and was related to one of the Pendle witches, if she had a favourite room.   The glass was swiftly taken to the wall area that we could not access.

We finished this vigil at 4 a.m.
Separate group - upstairs room to the left
Other phenomenon allegedly witnessed in this room was that of blue arcing coming from a socket fitting.   Bearinig in mind there is no electricity connected up at this point in the building from what we know of... tied back cable fittings are hanging all over the place - I guess to avoid too many health and safety issues...

Unfortunately, I am unable to corroborate this as I was not present at the time it occurred.   Secondly, I am not a builder/engineer so again, am unable to comment on the possible arcing in this respect, but it must have been quite interesting to see.
Kitchen revisited for the final time
Orbs were being witnessed in here by some members of this particular vigil group, although I did not personally pick up on anything.

Curt mentioned seeing possible lights above the right hand side of the cabinet, but he did go onto say it could perhaps be because it was dark.  

Apparently when people were in the kitchen earlier conducting a vigil, they could not get out of the room – someone commented it was like the door was jammed… again I cannot make comment on this as I did not personally experience it.

If Curt/Tony are reading this and would like to contribute their findings, please get in touch…

The atmosphere had flattened and the night was drawing to an end.
Pictures taken in room immediately to the left on entering Tynedale Farm
Did we identify with something this very night?

        If we did, what it was I do not know...

Would I return given the opportunity?   Definitely